Acting Related Podcast and Saving The Arts:

I was recently interviewed by actor Frank Prendergast for his podcast Acting Related: a new podcast he began in which he talks to actors and creators alike about working the creative industry, with an emphasis on acting.

I spoke to him about casting, along with my new short film We Don't Choose How, and how I work with actors. But I also spoke to him about something only spoken about quietly in trusted circles: money, and the hardships of being a struggling artist. We talked about the challenges of having it all, and by that I mean being able to make a living solely as a creator; how typically, many of us have a side line, or alternative income stream. It can't be all or nothing.

There's obviously nothing wrong with this. People have other things they love to do. No one person should be tethered to a singular role (if they don't want to be). I am about to start tutoring film studies in UCD: something that I've wanted to do for a long time.


Ireland is run by a government that continually underfunds the arts, making it difficult to make a sustainable living as a filmmaker, theatre maker, writer, artist, actor, or whatever it may be. There are funding schemes available to develop and create work, but often it's barely enough. Without this, the support structures that we couldn't work without suffer. There has been money recently injected into the arts following the economic crises as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, but even I have to cynically scoff at my optimism I display about it in the podcast. Although, sometimes it's all we have, and I'll take it as a win regardless.

Time will tell whether or not things will improve, and whether or not this money will be an adequete catalyst to get the arts sector back up and running. 

I'll keep going, as will so many others: after all, for the majority, myself included, it's about the work, the creative expression and the ability to move people: to make something relatable, funny, sad, thought provoking...

I'll finish by saying to anyone reading who does not work in the arts sector to consider how much art they consumed during lockdown. Where would you have been without the films and television you watched on Netflix? On Amazon Prime? iTunes? DVD/Blu-Ray? What about the books you read? The theatre that was solely created for a restricted audience? I'm thinking about the wonderful and inspirational, Dear Ireland from the Abbey Theatre. 

Where would you have been without it?

If you want to listen to my interview on Frank's Podcast, you can go click here.

Frank is also a seriously talented actor. To read more about him and his work, and to see his showreel, go to his website.

To learn more about the National Campaign To Save The Arts, head to