Introduction to Film Studies - Tutorials


Now that the list of films for the Leaving Cert 2020 have been released, I will be available for film studies tutorials for students who wish to learn a bit more about how to think about film in an academic context.

The tutorials will cover:

  • Basic terminology
  • Scene Analysis
  • Film Style & Aesthetic
  • Genre studies

The aim is to give students a comprehensive introduction to film studies, and the ability to consider and analyse the film that they are studying. 

Some information about me: I am a filmmaker, and have worked extensively in the film industry on various productions, including Rosie which is on the curriculum. I have a degree in English and film studies , and an MA in film studies from UCD. 

I am passionate about cinema, and I want to imbue a sense of appreciation and understanding of cinema to students who want a deeper understanding of film, and  who might be interested in studying film at third level. 

For information on booking tutorials, please feel free to contact me at